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ExpensePath was founded to bring a simple solution for expense reporting to small- and mid-sized companies. These companies have been stuck with inefficient manual/Excel-based processes or overly expensive and complex solutions designed for large corporations.

Like many frustrated end users, we initially thought there should be an easy way to make creating expense reports easier. But we soon realized that there was a much broader need to create a complete solution that delivered value to everyone involved - Employees, Managers, the Finance Department, and the Company.

We started in 2010, talking to power users, CFOs, Corporate Controllers, and those directly involved in managing the expense reporting process for their company. After many of these interviews, we designed a product to bring the best capabilities of expense management solutions to a wider audience but in a much easier to use package.

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We constantly solicit customer feedback to improve our Expense Management product and thereby our customers experience. So whether you are a customer of ours or not, please share any benefits, shortcomings, and frustrations of your expense reporting process.

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