ExpensePath is an online application that delivers powerful features that are simple to use.

Simple Setup

  • ExpensePath takes care of setup the same day free of charge.
  • Free trials typically run a month to ensure a full cycle of expense reports.
  • One Finance personnel pulls together necessary info, usually in less than 1 hour.
  • ExpensePath is flexible enough to match any desired process.
  • Match all necessary accounting mapping (users, accounts, depts, locations, projects, billable).
  • For company-billed credit cards, setup import, employee mapping and accounting.
  • Create expense policies, including for employee groups (i.e. Sales, Execs, Geos).
  • Configure and test export to NetSuite, Intacct, QuickBooks or other GL solutions.

Anytime / Anywhere Access

  • Employees and Admin login from any connected device.
  • Free mobile apps for iPhone/iPad, Android, and Blackberry.
  • Mobile apps work in offline mode to do expenses when unconnected.

Create Expense Reports

  • Dropdown menus for expense categories, currencies and project codes.
  • Capture receipt images by mobile app, email them to us or upload from PC.
  • Automatic currency conversion based on date of transaction.
  • Policy violations immediately highlighted as expense report is created.
  • Mobile apps to record expenses and capture receipt images.
  • Mobile apps usable in online or offline mode (do expenses on the plane!).
  • Import credit card transactions directly into the system.

Review Expense Reports

  • Automated workflow - from submitters to managers to Finance.
  • Policy violations highlighted for quick review.
  • Receipt images tied directly to expense details (no more envelope of receipts).
  • Email notifications throughout workflow and progress tracking in-system.
  • One-click approval for managers thru email or mobile phone.
  • Finance can edit and approve reports (including line-item veto).
  • Denied expense reports go back to submitter to be edited and re-submitted.

Accounting and Reporting

  • Integration with NetSuite.
  • Integration with Intacct.
  • Integration with QuickBooks (both Desktop and Online).
  • For any other accounting system, easily accessible and fully-configurable upload files.
  • Configure to employees, GL coding, departments, classes, locations, projects, credit cards, etc.
  • Export multiple fully-approved expense reports at once.
  • PDFs of expense reports including receipt images for printing or electronic storage.
  • Analytics and Reporting by time, expense category, user group, project code.


  • Finance defines allowable policies including spending limits.
  • Policy violations highlighted for submitters and reviewers.
  • Finance can edit expense reports (including line item veto during review).
  • Reconcile company credit card transactions with the monthly statement.